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Brodmann Speakers — for Music Listeners

Due to their unique design, sitting in front of a pair of Brodmann speakers is like sitting in front of the performers themselves …then, as you move through the house, that sound follows you.

Many manufacturers claim that their products bring the listener as close as possible to the music. However, Brodmann speakers go further by transporting the listener into the performance space the music was recorded in — the equipment just fades away…

Music reaches the very depth of our being with an inspiring, sensual influence on our awareness of life. Living with music means living with passion, beauty, and style. Every speaker system and every instrument Brodmann produces is a direct reflection of their passion for music.

Many of the Brodmann staff are active musicians themselves:

“We take great pride in tirelessly researching new technologies and procedures to improve our products, which we consider our works of art. As such, we hold ourselves to a high standard of aural aesthetics – one formed by a rich Viennese musical history that has decisively influenced European sound tradition.”

Burwood Music Centre is proud to be the main outlet in Australia for the Brodmann Acoustics range of speakers — which includes floorstanding hi-fi loudspeakers, on-wall and in-wall models for “hidden” hi-fi speakers and home theatre / cinema …and, there's a model that will suit almost any budget.

These models vailable for demo now:
FW, VCC, VCCi, FS, F1, F2, VC2, VC7, JB205

For more info or to arrange a listening session
call (03) 8683 9910

brodmann acoustics

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Available from:

BMC High Fidelity 2 Florence St
Burwood 3125
(03) 8683 9910