brodmann speakers at burwood music centre australia

Brodmann Festival Series Loudspeakers

The Festival Series introduces a speaker system whose quality seamlessly matches the Vienna Classic Series.

Combining Brodmann’s traditional values with fine design and materials, the Festival Series offers an excellent first step into the world of high-end sound. No comparably priced speaker system offers a listening experience so close to your favourite artist’s actual performance.

The Festival models benefit from a number of technical innovations such as Brodmann‘s “Sound Rod Technology” first introduced on the Joseph Brodmann Signature Series. The result is incredible sound performance.

Behind the timeless elegance of the Festival Series speaker systems lies impressive knowledge of the complex patterns of acoustics …

Brodmann F2

The woofer/mid-range drivers are mounted at the sides on our floor-standing models. This aids the sound and keeps the design beautifully streamlined. The tweeters are Brodmann's own development using the principle of an electrodynamic chassis. The tweeters achieve a free and lively reproduction unequalled by other comparable systems.

At Brodmann, no detail is too small or unimportant. The crossover filters are built by hand and the speakers come with matching cables that meet Brodmann's high standards.

All speaker system components are sensitively and carefully tuned to each other as well as the available accessories that have either been hand selected or produced in-house. This helps ensure the kind of listening experience we all look for but find so rarely: one full of perfect calmness and relaxation where the music is the only thing we notice.

brodmann speakers piano finish

In a rapidly changing world, it’s important for Brodmann to remain true to their experience as well as innovation. They make every speaker system by hand from the finest material and with love for the detail, refusing to compromise.

A distinct passion for music and for instrument making defines Brodmann's role as a trail-blazer of sound in the high-end audio sector.

The Festival series is where innovative design meets exceptional performance and value. The standard is set by you, the customer: how you live today, how you decorate your home, how you listen to music.

In an ideal world, we would listen to our favourite music live: in a jazz cellar, in a philharmonic concert hall, in a stadium — with each speaker from the Festival Series, you can have a live music experience in your home whenever you desire — day or night.