brodmann speakers at burwood music centre australia

Brodmann On-wall, In-wall Series Loudspeakers

Today’s lifestyles demand solutions that harmonize imagination and reality.
FW On-wall example

Do you want a huge sound out of your speakers but have spatial constraints?

Are acoustics important to you but aesthetics more important to others in a shared environment?

How do you divide your time between music and film?

We designed the Brodmann On-wall / In-wall series to deliver luxurious sound reproduction without compromising a luxurious environment.

The Brodmann On-wall / In-wall can be used as either a home theatre or a two channel stereo source without any sacrifice in the rich and realistic audio quality for which Brodmann is known.

Brodmann VC7i

The tweeters are centered in the face of the casing, which immerses the whole room in sound. The subsystems provide maximum efficiency in lower ranges.

Whatever you imagine as an ideal listening experience, our designers can work directly with yours to create a solution for your home or business.