brodmann speakers at burwood music centre australia

Brodmann Vienna Classic Series Loudspeakers

The Vienna Classic Series is the result of landmark engineering, art in harmonic interplay, precision workmanship, and a technical solution fine-tuned to the very last detail.


With the Vienna Classic Series, power and composure unite in a velvety soft and yet very detailed sound that will charm your senses in a way never before experienced from a loudspeaker.

Musicians are naturally discerning listeners of music. Many, such as composer/singer Lionel Richie and the late jazz legend Oscar Peterson, compare the sound quality of a speaker system to the original sound of the instruments — not a sound wiped clean of the dynamics unique to the instrument or performance.

Brodmann VC22

The key to the sound of this speaker lies in the complexity of the cabinetwork. Brodmann's patented “Horn Resonator” and “Acoustic Sound Board” have defined a new standard.

By using woofer / midrange speakers mounted in the side panels, brodmann speakers piano finishthe Active Sound Boards are stimulated, producing the effect of having an additional large diameter speaker cone – providing deep, rich and accurate bass frequencies.

Visually, the VC models reflect the same beautiful finish as the Brodmann pianos. Their cabinets are stunning, with a timeless linear clarity to their shape.

The wide range of veneers and colours available make these speaker systems a design asset to any environment.

Impressive in appearance and performance, the Vienna Classic Series speakers reproduce the true sound of musical instruments — musical perfection, simply achieved.