The Brodmann Story

Our History

Vienna has always been one of the most beautiful cities in the world. 

Stunning continental architecture, numerous parks, and world- renowned arts and cultural institutions have enchanted guests for centuries.

Early in 18th century Vienna, Joseph Brodmann earned widespread acclaim for excellence in piano making and in furthering the development of piano soundboards in particular.

By 1828, his manufacturing process was considered one of the most innovative and modern of its time.

Notable among the friends and customers of the Brodmann family were Ludwig van Beethoven and Carl Maria von Weber.

Joseph Brodmann

A young man named Ignaz Bösendorfer learned the high art of piano-making from Joseph Brodmann — he went on to create the Bösendorfer piano and became Brodmann ́s most famous pupil.

The Brodmann company of today continues to be rooted in this exemplary tradition — the cultural history of Vienna and the idea of excellence.

The quality of our raw materials, the masterly workmanship, the language of design, and tonal philosophy have all grown out of a conscious loyalty to our place in time.

We pride ourselves as internationally successful makers of musical instruments and speaker systems.

Our Loudspeaker Design

European instruments are sought after for their rich, “singing” tone, build quality and timeless design.

Hans Deutsch, Brodmann’s acoustical engineer and speaker designer, once said, “Speakers need to breathe like instruments to reproduce life-like sound”, and he thereby set conventional sound reproduction on its ear. Hans ́ diverse education has made him uniquely qualified to think outside of the box.

Hans continues, “The main goal of conventional speaker technology is the elimination of resonances by heavy internal damping — which pays surprisingly little regard for the sound itself.

Music is created by playing an instrument which vibrates; hence authentic sound reproduction also requires an ‘instrument’ to recreate harmonious resonances.

Brodmann loudspeakers are like instruments in themselves; in conjunction with the drivers, they use vibrating soundboards to create a neutral, life-like sound.”

Taking the acoustic piano as inspiration, Hans developed an extremely stiff speaker cabinet along with custom drivers. These two designs working together allow the drivers to follow the electrical signal without any need for correction in the crossover.

Controlled, resonating, acoustic soundboards complete the equation to create three-dimensional, transparent, true-to-life sound.

For decades, the demanding high fidelity scene has considered Hans Deutsch as one of the most influential acoustic pioneers in the world.

Passion for music is what unites Hans Deutsch and Brodmann.

Fully Customisable Cabinet Finishes

Brodmann Loudspeakers feature an endless number of customisations to match your personality and room decor.

All Brodmann loudspeakers are available in a stunning seven layer lacquer Piano Full-Gloss Black. A Semi-Gloss finish in a limited set of colours is also available.

The Vienna Classic Series and the Joseph Brodmann Series are also available in a range of beautiful real wood veneers, all with a eight layer lacquer piano finish.

If you would like a completely unique look that reflects your own personality, we can also tailor a finish in almost any solid colour or "book matched" wood veneer of your choice - including two-tone options.